Managing Memberships, Users and Documents

What's this?

This web site hosts several collabaritive software programming groups, and a couple of sporting and community groups. Primary functions include

  • Management and tracking of  documents
  • Collaboration of  source code development (some groups only).
  • Managing lists of team or organisational members including subscriptions.
  • Maintenance of an events calendar
  • Maintaining secretarial and business records (elevated privileges are required).
  • Sending out nicely formatted news letters to your group's members (elevated privileges required).

Other functionality can be added if or when needed.

Can someone from another group or the public see my stuff?

Generally, no.

Care has been taken to ensure that you only see the stuff that is relevant to your group, but if something doesn't  seem relevant to the activities your group is involved do let me know.

How do I use this site?

The site is controlled by "permissions" that determine what you, the user, can do.  You will need a log in account, about which I would have been in contact. If you are having difficulty logging in or recovering your user name or password, contact me.  In the first instance, once you have logged in the menu strip at the top will change. Again, what you see is determined by your group and permissions. However, there are THREE main items on the menu -

Membership Records

Click this menu item to see or search the list of members in your group.

If you have administration rights you may add and edit the list. If you do not have extended "admin" permissions  you can only edit your own record (profile)

Document Manager

Click this menu to see a list of most recently added documents. You can search for specific documents using the "Document Search" function on the right.

Click on a link to a document to view (download) the document.

Note that you cannot change or add documents unless you have appropriate permissions.

If you need to add, edit or maintain documents and do not have the necessary permissions please contact me.

Adding Documents

To add a new document click the "My Documents" on the User menu at the right. Then click the UPLOAD button above your document list. Each document must be given:

  1. A title (subject)
  2. A category (selected from a list)
  3. A file to upload or link to. Usually the file to be uploaded will be on your PC.
  4. Select the PERMISSION for the document- this should nearly always be "Registered", which means only users in your group can view the document. You can make documents public, but exercise caution if you do that.
  5. Optionally you can choose which group of users is to be emailed advice about the document's availability
  6. Once you have done that, click the SUBMIT or SAVE button.

There is a bunch or other parameters you can set, but a system moderator will sort that out once you have submitted the document. Documents can be re-edited from the "My Documents" menu link.


Click this to see a list of scheduled events for your group. Note all registered users may submit new events for their group, although a group moderator/ owner will need to approve the publication of the event.


If you have questions or require explanation of an aspect or function of this website, feel free to contact me.

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